Managing Director

Eng. Suhail is the Managing Director and Partner at International Stone Limited, the preeminent  Archeology, Renovation,  Restoration and Specialized Construction Company in Saudi Arabia. He is also the Managing Director and Partner of JSG (Jerusalem Stone Group), a high-quality Archeology, Renovation,  Restoration and Specialized Construction with a  limestone factory specializing in the production of stone carvings, unique architectural elements, slabs, tiles & cladding. He initiated in adding value to the Palestinian Stone and Marble sector, by bringing 7 axis Robots to produce international standards Palestinian carved stone. Making JSG the first Stone factory to adopt the CNC machinery for stones.

Suhail is a graduate of Illinois Institute of Technology IIT in Chicago, with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He established Thalco Constructions a Project Management and consultancy company in 1995,

Combining his expertise in engineering with his knowledge of restoration and renovations, Suhail has become a leading expert in the this field, he has worked on several high-profile projects, including the renovation / restoration of crucial Historic places like the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Orthodox Patriarchate and the Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem and Armenian Convent in Bethlehem, as well as steps of Khulda at the Temple Mount and the Katizma and other historic sites. Recently he undergone renovation for the Greek Orhtodox ulter of Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

He also Invested in the tourism Sector in Bethlehem.

Suhail is involved in charitable organizations and highly believes in giving back to the community. He is Past Zone Chairperson in the Lions International, member of the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Paltrade and the Engineers association.

He Speaks English, Arabic & Hebrew. 

Chief  Executive Officer

Eng. Nasr Alghrairi is the Chief Executive Officer of International Stone LLC,a preeminent private Archeology, Heritage, Restoration, Renovation and Constitution Company in Saudi Arabia. Nasr is in charge of businessoperations, R&D and fulfilling the company’s overall strategic mission. A U.S. Navy veteran, former U.S. DOD contractor and ex-CT Officer with 22years in the industry. A Military Academy graduate with a degree in Military Science and Strategic Planning and a B.Sc. in ElectricalEngineering /Satellite Communications.

Eng. Alghrairi excelled early in his career assuming multiple sensitive positions. His last military assignment was at the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) Headquarters as a Joint-Combined Military Exercise Planner where he worked on increasing U.S. and coalition forces readiness and interoperability, researched and assessed the coalition’s defense postureand furthered USCENTCOM’s Theater Campaign Plan.

During his time at CENTCOM HQ, Nasr was the Contractor Officer Representative and Logistics Planner where he designed and budgeted large contracts in support of movement of personnel, equipment and assets across the globe.

Alghrairi is a decorated combat U.S. veteran and a subject matter expert in Business Operations, National Industrial Security Program, Foreign Influence and Control, Foreign Assets Control and Large Government Contracts.
International Stone Limited

Chief Legal Officer

Michael Kerr is a Director of International Stone Ltd and brings unique governance and oversight to the Company with over 25-years’ experience in Tier 1 global investment banking, family office and advisory institutions in Taipei, Singapore, Tokyo, London, New York and Riyadh.

Building on his academic and professional qualifications in law, accounting, and investments/risk, Michael has throughout his career focused on structuring and executing infrastructure projects, banking and finance transactions, M&A transactions, and alternative investment products, while further advising and executing commercial transactions, intellectual property protection, public tendering, market entry and exit strategies, and corporate structuring for operating companies in the mining, rail/ports/logistics, facilities management, public infrastructure, FMCG, manufacturing, petrochemical, healthcare, blockchain, fintech, cyber-security, mobile gaming, technology, education, tourism, digital banking, renewable energy, power, water, oil and gas, tobacco, e-commerce, and defense sectors.